When you were young, surely, you were asked about your dream when you grow up.

Most of us would tell the most popular and known professions. In my case, I actually mentioned that I wanted to be a teacher (which I think is one of the noblest profession).

And, that actually changes as time passes by.

Funny to tell, but every time I enter into a whole new grade level, I would change my dream. At grade school, I would mention that I wanted to be a doctor. When I stepped into junior high, I wanted to be an engineer.

Now that I graduated, I wanted to be a professional video blogger.

Maybe, yes, people can change. Our views and beliefs can change over time.

Can you help me achieve my goal now? Would appreciate if you would visit my YouTube channel and hit subscribe. I am into filming now. I wanted to grow this channel and reach a more people around the globe.

Can you give me a hand?

Stand Tall

Amidst the challenges and difficulties you are at, don’t forget to smile and stand tall.

Those are usual in life. Don’t get swayed and keep in mind that everything will pass.

Keep on holding.